On the evening of December 10, the suspect entered Harvelle’s Blues Club and began yelling at customers seated inside. The suspect also walked onto the stage and grabbed a microphone from a band that was performing, then continued yelling at the crowd. Security guards immediately confronted the suspect and escorted her out of the building. A short while later, at about 12:50 a.m., the bar owner stepped outside the club through the backdoor and found the suspect seated on an electrical box next to the door.

When the suspect asked who he was, the owner told her he owned the bar and then started walking away from her. For some unknown reason, the suspect became angry with the owner and threatened to throw some water on him from a bottle she was holding in her hand. The owner quickly turned around to face the suspect, in case she tried, and pulled out his cell phone to call 911. As he did this, the suspect reached into a nearby trashcan and pulled out a glass beer bottle; which she also threatened to throw at him. The owner began backing away from the suspect, but she threw the bottle at him anyway. The owner dodged the bottle, which fell to the ground and shattered, and continued calling police. The suspect then walked away from the scene.

Officers arrived shortly afterward and found the suspect seated on a bus bench in front of the bar. The suspect initially refused to obey the officers, but was eventually taken into custody and then booked at the Santa Monica jail.

Debra Ann Jones, 22, of Los Angeles was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and had bail set at $30,000.