Dear Santa Monica Councilmembers:

I would like to propose making Arizona Avenue a Greenway, similar to the one on Michigan Avenue.

The level of construction around Lincoln Blvd between Wilshire and Olympic has left Arizona as the only totally residential East-West corridor in that part of Santa Monica; interrupted only by two hospitals and the SMCC Extension/Broad Theater.

There is no better thoroughfare to make into a Greenway.

Making it a Greenway from Lincoln to UCLA Medial Center on 16th street or up to St Johns Hospital on 21st would be an excellent way to preserve the area, guarantee some green space between heavily developed Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards, reduce congestion and human density, lower or eliminate accidents on 9th Street and Arizona.

It could also help preserve rent-controlled buildings from being taken off the market via the Ellis Act on Arizona.

In addition, traffic flow would be improved as most of the traffic lights and stop signs could be removed and replaced with traffic circles.

And, it would also be an excellent route to help promote bicycle use in that part of town and help to relieve pedestrian and bicycle congestion on Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards as new construction of businesses, residences and hotels continues there.

I have no doubt that the residents of Arizona would support this proposal.

Mathius Mack Gertz

Santa Monica