On Dec. 2 at about 6:45 a.m. patrol officers received a call of a woman screaming for help at Santa Monica Motel, 2102 Lincoln Blvd. When they arrived, they saw a woman sitting on the curb and a man near her, approximately 30 feet away. The woman pointed to the man and said he had just raped her. The victim said they met earlier at the park and smoked methamphetamine. When they got into the room, they smoked meth again and he allegedly threatened to kill her unless she had sex with him. The suspect said the victim couldn’t frame him for rape because they smoked meth together. The suspect allegedly raped the victim for about 1 hour until she was able to free herself and jump out of the first-story window. Based on the victim’s statement, witness statements and evidence the officers recovered at the scene, the suspect was arrested and charged with rape by force, false imprisonment, oral copulation/digital penetration and being under the influence of a controlled substance. Quinton Murica Baker, 31, homeless, had bail set at $102,759.