On November 25, 2015, a teacher from St. Monica’s School entered the church and found the suspect, Cheryl Pickering, standing inside. Without provocation, Pickering yelled at the teacher, “Get out of my church, you are poisoning people….” The employee left briefly to find security staff, then returned to find the woman writing in a church book that was sitting near the alter. She refused to leave, yelling at the employee as he was trying to call police. The employee tried to back away from Pickering as she pulled a pair of scissors from one of her pockets and brandished them. She made a jabbing movement toward the teacher that he was able to avoid, and then he turned and ran from the building.  Officers were on scene a few moments later; they detained Pickering and held her while she was identified by the victim. Officers recovered a 4-inch pair of scissors from Pickering’s coat pocket. She was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and transported to the Santa Monica Jail for booking. Bail was set at $30,000.00.