Dear Rick Cole:

I am a longtime resident of Santa Monica.

I’ve been reading articles about the impending El Niño and how both the County and the City of Santa Monica has been preparing. Those sandbags will be helpful for our stubbornly flooding garage.

However, my main impetus in writing is to ask what options our Santa Monica homeless will have during long and heavy downpours.

My husband (primarily) and I have been assisting a particular homeless man, a senior. Polite and honest, we’ve known him over a year. We’ve gotten him on both his Social Security and Disability. This man has a dog who has been with him 12 years, all the way back when he was working on a ranch.

Now with our help he is inches away from getting on a wait list for Section 8 housing. If waiting lists are even being accepted, they are years long. I think our city can do better.

What emergency measures are being taken to help people like this? He is not mental nor a criminal. His mother died this year. With his cardio pulmonary syndrome, living wet will be a huge danger to his life.

I am copying several local news sources because this is an important issue and they have already run several pieces regarding the homeless situation and the coming El Niño.

Looking forward to your reply.

Jim and Mara Thompson
Santa Monica