My name is Michael Zeno. I am a licensed pedicab operator and resident of Santa Monica.

I enjoy helping people get around this city in a safe, fun, and eco-friendly manner, and they — invariably — enjoy it too!

Currently I have paid over $400 in the last 12 months in licensing, permit, and safety certification fees for the privilege of operating a pedicab in Santa Monica, and yet I am unable to legally access one of the safest and most scenic routes for transporting my passengers: the Marvin Braude Memorial Bike Path.

Being prohibited from the bike path severely limits the number of passengers we can service, as well as taking a huge bite out of our bottom line.

Pedicabs are an excellent non-polluting, human-powered, transportation alternative for visitors and residents of the Santa Monica and Venice beach areas. We provide a valuable service to those who don’t necessarily want to get back into a car or a bus, leave the beach, or are otherwise unable to transport themselves.They can see more, and do more, in Santa Monica, and elsewhere, with the help of a licensed pedicab operator at hand, without a carbon footprint.

We also serve as a valuable community service and safety resource. For example, recently I gave an elderly woman a ride back to her car after she was knocked down by a careless biker. Another time I helped a frightened and lost young boy find his family in a sea of cars on a busy weekend. Pedicab drivers also promote a safer city simply by being a licensed and authorized presence on the streets, alleyways, parking lots, and public spaces of Santa Monica and elsewhere.

Our pedicabs are easily and safely accommodated within all major arteries of the bike path. We move at a slow, steady and predictable pace. Pedicabs add charm and character to Santa Monica and should not be prohibited from helping visitors and locals alike participate in one of the most enjoyable experiences the city has to offer: The Marvin Braude Memorial Bike Path.

Michael Zeno
Awesome Pedicab Co.