On October 28, at about 3:38 p.m., Nike Store management called to report an employee at the Santa Monica Place location who was embezzling money. The employee suspect had already been informed that he had been caught and was waiting with loss prevention officers when police arrived. The suspect, Hyun Cho, was believed to have stolen thousands of dollars by providing expensive merchandise to an accomplice while only charging for small, less expensive items. In one particular exchange that was caught on surveillance video Cho handed over two pairs of shoes to an unidentified male, but only charged the man for a pair of socks. The store had some identifying information about the co-conspirator, but was not able to provide it immediately. Cho admitted to giving away more than forty pairs of shoes in approximately six months. Cho was arrested for embezzlement and transported to jail.

Cho, 22, of Los Angeles, had bail set at $20,000.