On October 8 at approximately 1:05 p.m. officers responded to a parking structure on the 1500 block of Second Street in regards to a counterfeit investigation. Dispatch notified the officers that the reporting party had detained one of the two subjects. Upon arrival, officers observed security officers standing near a male who was seated. The male, later identified as Alexander Depooter, 30 of Long Beach, advised officers that he was on parole for robbery and that he had “something” in his pocket. Upon searching him, officers found a baggie of what appeared to be heroin and keys to a rental car. Security that had detained Depooter told officers that employees from a store had advised them that he and a female accomplice tried using counterfeit money to pay for $400 worth of merchandise. The employee helping Depooter and the female recognized them both as the male and female that had attempted to use counterfeit money at their Torrance store.

The employee went on to tell officers that she remembered the female subject carrying a bag from another store in the mall. Officers went to the named store and were advised that over $200 in items were purchased with counterfeit money. Officers searched the car that the subjects were driving and found an envelope with sixteen counterfeit $100 bills, bags of clothing in the trunk and multiple car rental agreements. Depooter was arrested for burglary, forgery possession of Opiates and parole violation. He was denied bail.

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