On Oct. 7 at approximately 9 a.m., Marina Del Rey deputies working the patrol duty boat received an emergency call over a marine radio frequency indicating a civilian diver was having difficulty breathing after he returned to the surface from a recreational dive out in the open water of Santa Monica Bay.

Marina Del Rey Station boat deputies, and a Los Angeles County Fire lifeguard Baywatch unit, responded to the location and met the vessel with the distressed diver. Upon arriving, they transferred the diver onto the sheriff’s duty boat. The diver was unconscious and deputies were unable to locate a pulse. Deputies began CPR while lifeguards removed the diver’s remaining gear and wetsuit. After approximately 45 seconds, the diver started breathing on his own.

Deputies and Los Angeles County lifeguards then made the request for the United States Coast Guard (USCG) helicopter to respond to transport the diver for emergency hyperbaric chamber treatment on the Island of Catalina. The helicopter established communications with the sheriff’s duty boat, and was able to lower a rescue basket onto the deck of the duty boat as it traveled towards Catalina Island. The diver was transferred to the helicopter for the remainder of the trip.

The deputies continued to Catalina Island. Upon arriving at the island, they were informed by medical personnel the diver was conscious and talking while being treated in the hyperbaric dive chamber. The diver was then transferred to a mainland hospital for further observation.

– Submitted by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Information Bureau

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