My heart goes out to Joanna Bloem, the victim of a telephone scam. A few years ago, I received a similar call from an individual who advised he was a “senior officer” and I would be arrested immediately for missing some inane payment to the Federal Court System. I contacted my husband, Paul, who having spent many years in the entertainment industry has a rather impressive and colorful use of the language. My husband proceeded to contact the culprit repeatedly. Oftentimes, the offender would hang up, only to be called back by my husband advising him, “I will tell you when I want you hang-up (expletive). ” Eventually this “senior officer” contacted me and requested, I forget his number and please, please have my husband stop calling him. I also posted the individual’s number and information on my Facebook. Haven’t received a call since, however, did get rid of my home phone, which even with a Do Not Call line, did receive an inordinate amount of taped sales calls.

Anne E. Pearson

Santa Monica

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