As someone who cares about the environment but also needs to drive I feel like the labeling will be ineffective. I know that gasoline causes climate change and being reminded about it won’t help, especially when I’m already at the pump and in need of gas. But even if I were reminded about the bad effects of gas more often, I wouldn’t even consider not getting gas since cars have become such an important way of transportation. Maybe I would try and drive more efficiently, or think about getting a more efficient car later on, or maybe even try and carpool when it’s convenient. But when someone’s at the pump they most likely are just trying to get in and out, going through the routine of getting their gas and going on to their next obligation.
A better way to help climate change would be reminding people more often before they get in their car in hopes that they find another way to get around or to do something more environmentally friendly. Making labels that would have to be placed in multiple places at every gas station would cost money and time but wouldn’t necessarily help anything since its pretty common knowledge that cars are bad for the environment. Maybe the city council could make the stoplights or stop signs more efficient so cars don’t have to accelerate and decelerate so much. If time and energy is going to be put into helping the environment it should be used at something that will do more to help.
Alexander Groenendaal-Jones
Santa Monica

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