Since years I have chosen to take the shuttle from Santa Monica to the Bowl for concerts.

Last night I did so again. On the ticket it says the ride takes 40 minutes. With our traffic nowadays this is a joke, in fact it took 1 hour and 40 minutes. The bus gets there so late that one can hardly reach the seats in time for the start of the music. Why does the first bus only leave at 6 p.m.??

After getting there so late, the young lady comes on the bus and distributes little paper tickets and announces that without this passengers will have to pay $12, in cash!

For several passengers on the bus, including myself this was unbelievable!! After all we paid in advance. If they want to be sure the same people who entered the bus from S.M. are returning on that bus, why do not let these people just keep the initial tickets??

It certainly would save time.

Helly Langen

Santa Monica

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