I am writing this Letter to the Editor of the Santa Monica Daily Press, or as I should say, a Commentary of The Race of the Republican Presidential Primacy Debates for the 2016 Election. My name is Bob Haddad, and I am a Proud Registered Republican Santa Monica Voter. The Santa Monica Daily Press has been my ‘eyes and ears’ of everything ‘hand and foot’ locally in Santa Monica. Even though the SMDP provides my local news, I also feel that the SMDP should keep us, in Santa Monica, informed of the national news, the Presidential Race. My commentaries of the Republican Race, hope to bring excitement and joy to all of Santa Monica, as does the thrill of any competitive event.

As in any race, there are League competitions, as well as, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, all with the goal of reaching the Finals. As of August 6, 2015, the League competitions of the Republican Presidential Primary Debates, have started. Hosted by Facebook and Fox News Channel, Moderators Bret Baier-Special Report, Megyn Kelly-The Kelly File, and Chris Wallace-FOX News Sunday, gave us the Pollster Trends of the ‘Republican Race’ in Cleveland, Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena. Donald Trump took an early commanding lead with 25%, followed by a small group consisting of Ben Carson 12%, Ted Cruz 10%, and Jeb Bush 9%. Behind them grew a bigger group of Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker 6%, Carly Fiorina 5%, John Kasich and Marco Rubio 4%, with Rand Paul 3% rounding out the Top 10.

On September 16, 2015 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, in Simi Valley CA, the next League Debate competitions of the ‘Republican Race’ will be even more exciting. Hosted on CNN and Salem Radio Network, Moderators Jake Tapper – CNN and Hugh Hewitt – Salem Radio will give us the Pollster Trends, with all the voters in the stands cheering on their favorite ‘Republican’. As of September 4, 2015 Donald Trump is still commanding a larger lead of 32.1 %, followed further behind by Ben Carson 13.8% and Jeb Bush 8.3%. The rest of the competition is falling behind fast, still early in the ‘Race’, with Ted Cruz 6.1%, Marco Rubio 5.5%, Mike Huckabee 5%, Scott Walker 4.6%, John Kasich and Carly Fiorina 4%, and Rand Paul 2.5%, again rounding out the Top 10. As a result of the tough competition, Former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, dropped out.

With an early start, of an exciting competition, for the Presidential Election 2016, the ‘Republican Race’ is still far from over. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are giving us a great performance, while Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are falling back, early in the ‘Race’. Stay with me, as the ‘Debate Race’ continues. This is Bob Haddad, a ‘Proud Registered Republican Santa Monica Voter, commentating from the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Bob Haddad

Santa Monica

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