Police arrested a man on Main Street this weekend after he drunkenly fired a gun into the air.

According to police, Andrew Conway discharged a gun six times while standing in the alley behind 2908 Main St. at 2 a.m. on Sept. 12. Police said there are several multi-story apartment buildings adjacent to the area and at the time of the shooting, cars and pedestrians remained on the street following the recent closure of the Main St. bars.

Several residents reported hearing the shots and observed the arrest/investigation.

Conway was arrested after two officers heard the gunfire during their regular patrol. The officers stopped their vehicle upon hearing the shots and saw Conway standing in the alley holding a silver semi-automatic gun. Officers ordered Conway to drop the gun and lay on the ground. Conway eventually complied and was taken into custody. After his arrest, Conway said he was shooting into the air but did not elaborate on why.

During a routine background check, officers learned Conway was on probation for driving on a suspended license. He was found to have prior arrests for burglary, robbery, domestic violence with injury, false imprisonment, manufacture of dangerous weapons, grand theft and several DUIs.

Conway was charged with possession of a loaded gun, negligent discharge of a gun, being a felon in possession of a gun and a probation violation.


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