Local author Ryan Hyatt has timed the September release of his first science fiction novel, “Stay Younger Longer,” with an online ‘news’ site, The La-La Lander. The La-La lander is a popular Los Angeles-based newspaper in Hyatt’s tale, and Hyatt’s real-life version of the site will serve as a forum for news stories and commentaries that play on current events and provide a source of curiosity, discussion and amusement for readers about the future. “Stay Younger Longer” is the first in a series of science fiction novels by Hyatt to be released over the next few years, and The La-La Lander also will serve as a platform to promote Hyatt and other science fiction writers’ work.

Hyatt was born in Tucson in 1976. He was raised in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago and Copenhagen before returning to his hometown and graduating from the University of Arizona in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in history, psychology and creative writing. Hyatt spent much of his twenties working as a reporter and columnist for newspapers such as the Apache Junction Independent and Santa Monica Daily Press. He is author of the modern western, “The Death of Rock ‘n’ Roll: A Biography of Darrell Breedlove.” Currently, he holds a master’s degree in special education from California State University Northridge and works as a teacher in Los Angeles, striving to improve the literacy of high school English students. Hyatt is a proud and happy father. His only regret is that he could not stay younger longer. Visit http://www.amazon.com/Ryan-Hyatt/e/B002QH4STE for more information.

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