The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has issued a statement regarding a fireworks show that woke many coastal residents.
Reality television star Khloe Kardashian threw a birthday party for her boyfriend basketball star James Harden at midnight on Aug. 25. The event included an eight-minute firework show that took place on a barge offshore from Marina Del Rey.
According to the Sheriff’s Department, the event resulted in about 40 calls to the Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station at that time asking about the noise. The callers were area residents who thought that the unexpected noise might have been weapons. Once callers learned that the noise was fireworks, some said they were relieved, and several indicated they were no longer concerned about the origin of the noise.
The event was planned by a private party and included launching fireworks from a vessel “off shore” about 100 feet west of the breakwater off of Marina del Rey. The event planners inquired with the U.S. Coast Guard prior to the event and went through the appropriate U.S. Coast Guard review process. The Los Angeles County Fire Department and Harbor Patrol of the Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) were notified.
The LASD Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station and Los Angeles County Beaches and Harbors would be the agencies responsible if there was a request for a fireworks event inside the lines of demarcation or inside the Marina del Rey breakwater. The LASD does not have legal standing to approve or deny a fireworks application or permits outside the breakwater.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has jurisdiction to enforce local and state laws in the Los Angeles County Maritime Region, this does not include jurisdiction over the issuance of permits for fireworks events outside of the breakwater.
No sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the boat or on land as a result of the fireworks event, nor did any member of the public file a criminal complaint about the noise.
There are no local ordinances that specifically regulate the use of legal fireworks in waterways outside of the lines or demarcation/offshore. However, loud disturbances are addressed in section 415 of the California Penal Code (PC). In order to address this under 415 PC, it would require at least one victim and proof of malicious intent. The Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station is conducting an inquiry to ascertain if any laws or ordinances were violated. If you believe you were a victim of a crime as a result of this event and want to file a criminal complaint call the Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station at (310) 482-6000.


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