I am alarmed at the growing homeless problem we have in our city and the increased violent behavior of the homeless. We are turning into a homeless campground. I fail to see why anyone would want more parks as they are full of homeless and their “possessions.” Have you been outside the main library? It looks like a junkyard. Have you heard people yelling swear words in the library? Not a place for children any more. I’ve witnessed homeless threatening shop keepers and exposing themselves in the parks.

This is a federal problem which Santa Monica can’t solve by itself. The City needs to put pressure on our elected officials to do something about this and our local law enforcement need to enforce the laws to keep our City clean and safe. Especially with the light rail coming we need to get the word out that Santa Monica is not a place to come camp out and harass the residents and visitors. The homeless should be sent to the VA where they can get appropriate help.

My quality of life is certainly less impacted by traffic or airports than it is by being threatened by the homeless. I’m concerned it is only a matter of time before we have a tragic event and I would like to be able to enjoy the parks and library once again.

Thanks you for you attention.

Linda Fineman

Santa Monica

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