On August 8, at approximately 5:15 a.m., Santa Monica police officers were dispatched to the 1400 block of Marguerita Avenue in regards to an unknown trouble.

Upon arriving, officers found a witness screaming in an attempt to wake the victim up to notify her that someone had stolen her car tire. The witness went on to state that the subject was driving a gray sedan.

While on the scene, officers noticed a sedan that matched the description parked in the middle of the intersection. A traffic stop was conducted, and when contact was made with the subject his hands were dirty and officers noticed that bolts belonging to a car tire were found on the passenger seat and emblems belonging to the victim’s automobile were found in his trunk.

While questioned the subject, later identified as Erick Gonzalez, 23, of Santa Monica, stated that his hands were dirty because he realized that he had to adjust his battery as he was leaving his girlfriend’s home. A follow-up at Gonzalez’s residence was conducted, and the victim’s tire was found on his other vehicle. He was arrested for grand theft and bail was set at $61,000.

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