Netflix is working to bring back ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, but not Bill Cosby.

Negotiations for a fifth season of the Mitch Hurwitz comedy are “plugging along,” Ted Sarandos, the network’s Chief Content Officer said Tuesday.

“It is a really complex deal.”

“The talent are very busy and working on other shows, but also because the show is owned by Fox. So we have to make our deal with Fox. And all the talent has to make their deals with Fox. It is our intent to make our intent to have a new season of Arrested Development and all the negotiations are underway.”

Sarandos also said there are still no plans to broadcast a Bill Cosby stand-up comedy special, which had been scheduled to air last November.

“I don’t think it is appropriate to release that,” he told reporters, acknowledging that THE COSBY SHOW continues to be available through the company’s DVD-by-mail service.

“The Cosby Show is produced by NBC and owned by Carsey Werner.”

“The [cancelled] projects before were produced by Netflix and branded Netflix shows. We think we acted – and will continue to act appropriately – when it comes to Mr. Cosby.”

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