Ernie Powell and others like him are what is wrong with this country. He praises the First Amendment and what it represents then name calls someone as “racist” when they give an opinion that differs from his own. He doesn’t say I disagree and this is why, he takes it straight to “10” and says “racist.” Because no one wants to be called a racist, and maybe the accusation will cause that person to keep his/her opinions to themselves in the future so Ernie doesn’t have to hear them.

I live in Santa Monica. I may even work in Santa Monica. The reality is half the crime in the city is committed by homeless. Another percentage of the crime is committed by people who don’t live in Santa Monica.

The person never said anything about Mexicans or any other racial group. Merely that the train is going to bring more people to the city which means there will be more crime. It’s just common sense and it’s the truth. When you add something to something, you get more of that something. Good or bad. And likely both.

I bet Ernie didn’t even speak up in that meeting and ask why that person had that opinion. He probably sat there and waited to until he was home to toss the “racist” grenade from the comfort of his desktop computer.

Ernie, if you truly believe in the First Amendment and are the come one, come all type of person you claim to be, then you need to take time and consider opinions adverse to your own before calling names. They may actually be correct.

Ron Deveau

Santa Monica

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