On July 5 at approximately 12:30 p.m., avictim briefly left his cellphone unattended on table inside the Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf at 200 Santa Monica Blvd.

When the victim returned, he saw his cellphone was missing and a male subject he believed took his property was walking away.

The victim confronted the suspect, who pulled a knife from his pocket, exposed the blade, and then threatened to cut the victim.

The victim followed the suspect as he walked to the Santa Monica Pier. Once at the pier, the victim flagged down officers from the Santa Monica Police Department and directed them to the suspect’s location.

While the officers were speaking with him, the suspect moved his shirt and exposed a concealed knife in his pocket. Officers removed a four-inch folding knife from the suspect’s pocket and saw the blade was locked in the open position. When officers asked about the knife, the suspect claimed he uses it for protection from the victim, whom he said was stalking him.

Officers then found the victim’s cellphone inside the suspect’s belongings and took the suspectinto custody. The suspect was identified as Alexis Calderon, homeless. Bail was set at $50,000.

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