When members of a school district health committee toured Santa Monica High School earlier this year, they weren’t exactly delighted by what they saw.

A wall outside the boys’ showers was lined with holes in the plaster, possibly the result of vandalism. Walls, sinks and toilets were covered with stains, appearing old or unkempt. Broken or damaged facilities were in need of repair.

And that was just the beginning.

Sion Roy, chair of the Santa Monica-Malibu school district’s committee on health and safety, presented a summary of findings and suggestions to the Board of Education during its June 24 meeting. Further conversations are expected in the coming weeks, and the school board plans to approve the committee’s 2015-16 goals by October.

“We’ve had extensive discussions about health and safety at Samohi and Malibu High,” Roy said. “We engaged custodial staff members, took field trips to Samohi and Malibu High and took lots of pictures.”

The tours prompted Roy’s committee to draft recommendations for improved maintenance at Samohi and other SMMUSD sites.

The panel recommended increasing the number of site supervisors, adding janitors at the district’s largest campuses and creating standards for how long it takes to do certain jobs.

“That’ll help ease workload,” Roy said.

Better training for new custodians and ongoing training for all custodial staff would also be helpful, according to the committee’s report. The committee suggested implementing digital tools to help janitors report work electronically and allow supervisors to track progress.

Other recommendations included establishing best management practices, routinely checking ventilation systems and reviewing supply needs.

The suggestions followed the committee’s February visit to Samohi, which revealed a variety of infrastructure and maintenance issues.

Water trickled in four of the 10 showers in the boys locker room, a major concern as agencies and organizations across the state combat California’s prolonged drought.

A main boys bathroom had just one functioning hand dryer and towel dispenser. A glass window in a coach room was not in proper shape.

Issues were also found in a main girls bathroom. There were no toilet covers, there was just one sink — with only cold water — and one of the stall locks was not working.

And the problems were not contained to the bathrooms, some of which lacked proper ventilation. Outside, committee members found uneven pavement and staircases with poor lighting and cracked risers. Water fountains were dirty, rusty and lacking adequate flow.

Similar problems were found during an April visit to Malibu High, where the recent discovery of polychlorinated biphenyls has sparked an expensive battle between the district and concerned parents over chemical testing and cleanup.

Bathroom flooring was pockmarked with chipped tiling. Tape obscured flaws on a gymnasium wall.

Building doors, walls, windows and ceilings had extensive rust, discoloration and wear. One building’s fire extinguisher was missing from its storage compartment.

Officials must seek out and address input from custodians and “recognize what we are currently doing isn’t working,” the committee’s report reads.

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