On June 25 at approximately 5:35 p.m., aSanta Monica police officer was dispatched to a payphone in the 700 block of Santa Monica Boulevard to make contact with a female subject who had been using the phone to make dozens of 911 calls.

The dispatcher who alerted the officer relayed to him via radio that the subject was currently speaking with another dispatcher and was being monitored via closed circuit television.

The subject, later identified as Kimberly Trotter, had placed more than 50 calls to 911 that day, most of the calls consisting of Trotter rambling incoherently, making multiple comments about President Obama.

The officer observed the female talking on the phone and approached. When asked if she needed emergency assistance, Trotter refused to answer and told the officer he didn’t appear to be areal officer.

Based on the number of calls Trotter had made that day, she was arrested for misuse of the 911 system and transported to the Santa Monica jail for booking. Trotter, 51, transient, had bail set at $500.

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