On June 20 at approximately 3:30 p.m., Santa Monica police officers were dispatched to Sephora in the 1200 block of ThirdStreet.

The loss prevention officer was following the suspect, later identified as Michelle Calderon, 33, of Los Angeles, and provided an updated location of where Calderon was.

When officers arrivedat the scene, the loss prevention officer stated that Calderon removed makeup items from the shelf, took them to the register and provided a receipt which matched the items in an attempt to return the items.

The items were successfully returned, and Calderon went on to purchase other merchandise with the credit she received. While making her purchase, she wanted to return other items for which she did not have receipts.

The loss prevention officer followed Calderon out of the store and identified himself. During the course of this encounter, Calderon stated that she did not know what he was talking about and walked away.

When officers questionedCalderon, she said she had receipts for everything. The Sephora employee signed a private person’s arrest form and was desirous of prosecution. Calderon was booked for theft with intent and a probation violation. She was cited and released.

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