Now it’s your turn to discuss the budget.

The Santa Monica-Malibu school board has reviewed several editions of the district’s projected 2015-16 budget over the last few months, and it will welcome public testimony on the matter during its meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at district headquarters.

Members of the community can weigh in on the proposed budget — which includes a $1.29-million surplus in the general fund — before the board approves a final version, which is expected at its special meeting June 29.

Revenue projections

The proposed SMMUSD budget reflects the latest estimates for state and federal revenues and comes as the district shoulders more responsibility in handling state money as part of the Local Control Funding Formula.

There was a projected $7.4-million deficit in the unrestricted general fund when the board evaluated the district budget in early May, but the budget was later updated to show a $1.07-million surplus in that fund. The change was due in large part to an influx of money reflected in Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised state budget.

However, the district’s multi-year projections still show a $5.1-million shortfall in the unrestricted general fund in 2016-17 and a $5.5-million shortfall in 2017-18.

In the proposed 2015-16 budget, revenues totaling more than $138 million include about $84 million through LCFF as well as another $14.5 million in other state money and close to $11.3 million in parcel taxes.

Projected income sources also include $7.5 million from the City of Santa Monica through Prop Y, another $8.6 million from the city through a joint-use agreement and $3.7 million through lease and rent agreements with the DoubleTree hotel and other entities.

The budget assumes a $2.2-million contribution from the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation. The district’s fundraising arm was tasked with raising $4 million by June 30.

The projected Regional Occupational Program revenue is $407,379. The program is undergoing major changes to meet new state standards for career technical education.

Expected expenditures

Salaries and benefits for district employees amount to about $118 million — 86 percent of the $136.7 million in proposed 2015-16 expenditures.

The district is adding the equivalent of 18 full-time certificated positions, including the equivalent of 12 full-time teachers and 2.8 teaching positions in special education, according to a SMMUSD report.

Placements are based on district enrollment, which is expected to be 11,173.

The budget also accounts for the addition of a special education psychologist, a facilities director and a construction supervisor.

Other planned expenditures include $14 million in operating costs, $3.7 million for books and supplies and $1.09 million in capital outlay.

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