With City Council scheduled to consider a $1.1-billion two-year budget on Tuesday, the Recreation and Parks Commission sent its recommendations.

Surprise, surprise: More parks.

They’re happy, they said in a letter to council, with the proposed allocation of funds to craft a plan for the 12-acre expansion of Airport Park but they have several other locations in mind throughout the city.

Fisher Lumber site

Since 2008, the commission has been supporting advancement of a park on the former site of Fisher Lumber, now known as Colorado Yards.

“It is important that an alternative location be identified for the vehicles currently housed within the Colorado Yards,” they said in the May 27 letter,” and that the new public parking lot located within the site be temporary.”

They’ve been advocating for the park space in every budget letter since 2008.

“It’s time to identify this project as a Council priority,” the letter says.

Mt. Olivet

The commission wants City Hall to open up the fenced-off Mt. Olivet Reservoir to the public. The reservoir, which City Hall built in 1924, holds 5 million gallons of water.

City officials have expressed concerns about security issues at the site, which boasts views of the Hollywood Sign, Getty Center, Downtown Los Angeles, and the bay.

Commissioners have pointed out that the site is currently guarded by a chain link fence and nothing more.

“Exploration of creating a public ‘vista’ park should commence with the Public Works Department and the surrounding community,” they said in their letter to council.

Mini parks

The commission is advocating for both a Main Street parklet program and the establishment of a fund for the acquisition of small neighborhood parks or pocket parks in areas of the city where parkland is scarce.

More trees, Civic Center fields, and Palisades Park playground

The commission is urging council to continue to add to its urban forest canopy.

“The planting of trees should always be a priority,” they said.

They ‘d also like to see a children’s playground at Palisades Park.

“We have advocated for the creation of a ‘historic feel’ children’s playground at the north end of the park since 2008,” they said.

And as the debate over the future of the Civic Center continues, the commission restated its support for athletic fields “as codified in the 2005 Civic Center Specific Plan.”

School swimming pools

During council’s last hearing on the proposed budget, members of the public asked about the public use of pools at the city’s schools.

“We strongly recommend council collaborate with the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District to maximize the public use of Lincoln Middle School and Santa Monica High School pools,” the commission wrote to council on the topic.

The Recreation and Parks Commission is appointed by council and its recommendations are among many coming from the city’s plethora of boards and commissions.


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