Israeli visionaries are collaborating with California creatives and industry leaders with the goal of exporting the most significant ideas, innovations and cutting edge technologies being developed within Israel’s world class tech hub, Tel Aviv. These already impressive collaborative efforts are soon to be further realized as IDEAS Los Angeles arrives June 18.

Bolstering Israel’s status as one of the three centers of tech worldwide are the impressive 3555 patents produced there in 2014 alone. A good example is Magisto’s Emotion Sense Technology¬Æ which transforms existing notions of Artificial intelligence. Having raised over $10 million in funding, the application enables anyone to easily convert their stockpile of digital images and video into high quality movies with Hollywood style results.

Tightening the gap between technology and entertainment, Israel is also well-known for being a world class contender of the arts. Especially as of late, the increasing recognition of acclaimed Israeli writers and producers has significantly influenced the American entertainment industry. Productions such as the hit television series “Hostages,” written and directed by Alon Aranya, have been created in Tel Aviv and later adapted to American culture.

Additionally, famed movie producer Steve Tisch just recently made a $10-million donation to Tel Aviv University to transform their film and television department into the Steve Tisch School for Film & Television. Tisch said he hopes his gift will enhance TAU’s visibility in Hollywood and increase connections between Israeli students, producers and talent abroad. Down the road, Tisch says he would love to co-produce an Israeli film through his own production house, Escape Artist Productions. Among the notable graduates of the TAU Department of Film and Television are directors Ari Folman (“Waltz With Bashir”), Yaron Shani (“Ajami”), and Dror Moreh (“The Gatekeepers”), as well as screenwriters Gideon Raff (“Homeland”) and Hagai Levy (“The Affair,” “In Treatment”).

Aranya will be joining Tisch and dozens of other tech and entertainment entrepreneurs such as Adi Sideman, Founder of YouNow, and Sharon Rechter, Founder of BabyFirst TV, on June 18, 2015 to speak to attendees of IDEAS Los Angeles at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica. The Technology and Entertainment Forum will host over 50 renowned speakers, and will feature 10 Israeli startups in the video/media space, including Magisto.

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