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Editor’s note: This story is part of an ongoing series that tracks the city’s expenditures appearing on upcoming Santa Monica City Council consent agendas. Consent agenda items are routinely passed by the City Council with little or no discussion from elected officials or the public. However, many of the items have been part of public discussion in the past.

Drainage at Palisades Park, new pier steps, and custodial supplies make up a bulk of the spending in a $2,115,109 consent agenda Tuesday night.

The police department is worried that the south stairway of the Santa Monica Pier would be too narrow in the event that large volumes of people need to escape some sort of emergency, Sharknado attack or otherwise.

City Council will consider paying RSB Group $526,900 to double the width of the stairs, from 5 feet to 10 feet.

Work would start in September and end in January.

Bluff slough

“Ponding” and runoff in Palisades Park are causing deterioration of the bluffs, city officials said. As a result, council will consider paying STL Landscape $300,000 to improve drainage along seven streets near the park.

Custodial supplies

Santa Monica goes through a lot of custodial supplies, including “toilet paper, toilet seat covers, trash liners, soap, mop heads, paper towels” and more.

It adds up. Council will consider paying Cleansource/Supplyworks $98,265, Royal Corporation $32,900, and Waxie Sanitary Supply $359,850, each for a years worth of custodial supplies.

Water treatment motor starters

You’ve got your water treatment plants, like Arcadia, Charnock, SMURFF, and Moss Avenue Pump Station. Each of those plants has motors. Those motors have motor starters made by Allen-Bradley or Robicon. And those motor starters need electrical services. Golden West Electric is slated to get the job for $101,200 for one year.

Water supplies

The Water Division needs parts to maintain its 205 miles of water mains, 1,300 fire hydrants, and 17,000 service connections. Council will consider paying S&J Supply $250,500 for a year’s worth of parts.

Safety shoes

Shoetera is expected to get $96,346 to supply a year’s worth of safety boots and shoes. About 525 city employees need safety shoes.

BBB air conditioning repairs

Imagine it’s the middle of August, you’re in on a Big Blue Bus in traffic a couple miles from the beach, and the air conditioning goes out.

Maybe then you will be happy that council is considering paying Bus Systems Unlimited $175,000 to keep City Hall’s transit air conditioning systems in ship shape.

KCRW council meetings

Council will consider spending $89,403 to have KCRW, the public radio station located on the Santa Monica College campus, continue broadcasting City Council meetings for a year.

It’s unclear how many Los Angeles County residents are pleasantly surprised when they tune into KCRW hoping for music and find themselves listening to a four-hour debate over parking permits, but there’s at least one person who appreciates the coverage: This reporter.

SMO noise management

Council employs Landrum & Brown Inc. to providing consulting services related to noise management at the Santa Monica Airport. While they consider a new agreement, city officials are recommending that council extend the company’s contract through the end of the year for an additional $40,000.

Go With the Flow

City Hall’s initiative to combat traffic during peak drive times, Go With The Flow, is scheduled to be active six days a week between Memorial and Labor day.

An additional $44,745 to the contract with Iteris, Inc. would add 27 days of service on holidays and weekends between Sept. 8 and the end of the year.

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