On May 26 at 7:50 a.m., Santa Monica policeOfficers responded to a report of an assault that just occurred at 1299 Ocean Ave.

Upon arrival, officers met with the victim, asecurity guard at the listed address. The victim stated he was patrolling the property when he came across the suspect, later identified as George Metts.

Metts was lying on stairs on the property and the victim asked him to move off the property. Metts became angry, pulled down his pants and swore while exposing his penis to the victim. Metts then threw coffee on the victim and kicked him in the stomach before the victim ran away.

Metts chased the victim off the property while yelling racial slurs at him. The victim was able to flag down a stopped MTA bus and asked the driver to call the police. Metts continued to chase the victim until the police arrived.

The victim demanded a private person’s arrest of Metts for the assault and battery, and officers took him into custody. While officers were taking Metts into custody, Metts told the victim he was going to kill him and continued calling him various derogatory racial names.

Metts was arrested and booked for making criminal threats, hate crimes, indecent exposure, assault and an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Mett’s bail was set at $81,500.

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