Forty-three years ago, Reverend Jim Conn, went to the United Methodist Bishop and made a deal. The historic church building at the corner of 2nd and Hill was a sorry place indeed. The congregation had been dying off for years and it was a mere skeleton of a church. Conn cut a deal with the Bishop who guaranteed two years’ salary to get “something going” in “Baja Santa Monica.”

Conn didn’t do too badly. Most people already know that the Church in Ocean Park has become a lot more than just a church; it’s an interfaith community dedicated to social justice. It has spawned, housed and nurtured many important and lasting contributions to our community including the Ocean Park Community Center (Drop-in, Sojourn, and network of shelters), the Westside Health Center (Formerly Westside Women’s Health Center), the Poverty Law Office (which became a UCLA law school project), the Liberty Hill Foundation (First office was at the CiOP) and Climate Action Santa Monica (CASM), to name a few.

The church is expansive in its efforts and frankly always needs funds to keep up with its vision for the community and world. Maintaining an historic 1923 building has major financial challenges as well.

To help meet their needs, there will be a fundraiser at Rusty’s on the Pier on June 5. The Bonedaddys are back and this time with guests, actors Darrell Larson and Rob Sullivan, who call their piece Crazy Underneath the Trees. Also, special guest Emcee, comic Judy Carter.

Crazy Underneath the Trees. (1st Show Only) is a poetic, word drenched dialogue between two men in their sixties, Rob Sullivan and Darrell Larson, longtime friends, who experienced, in parallel, bipolar breakdowns, one of the mind, the other of the body. Out of their mutual panic, hysteria and grief they have fashioned a laugh-a-minute disquisition on the mind/body dialectic. Laugh, cry, curl your lip – this unclassifiable, uh … piece… not a play, not a poem, perhaps a prayer, definitely a confession, possibly an argument, seduction or negotiation? All of the above, actually, and with percussion. The latter is supplied by the inimitable Mike Tempo, of Bonedaddys’ fame.

The Bonedaddys are LA’s original “Worldbeatniks” since 1984 and one of the very first American bands described as Worldbeat. The Bonedaddys still take a “wide stance” stylistically, and claim influences ranging from Charles Ives to Burl Ives and much in-between; with the common musical denominator being a fun, danceable party ambiance. The Bonedaddys were formed in L.A. by percussionist Mike Tempo, with a dedication to groove and move through a musical gumbo consisting of Rock, Funk, African, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Gospel and more. Having toured clubs, halls, colleges and made t.v. and radio appearances, the Bonedaddys have recorded and released their sixth album “Waterslide”.

There will be two Bonedaddys shows, an early dinner show that includes a buffet and pre-show theatrical offering with Darrell Larson & Rob Sullivan and a late show with dancing. The second show will be only the Bonedaddys. To purchase your tax-deductible tickets, visit For more info, call (310) 396-0799. Rusty’s is located at 256 Santa Monica Pier.

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