Australian DJ Will Sparks working on his next big sound in the Konscious Studios at Santa Monica. Photo taken and provided by Joseph Verdi.

Will Sparks is one of the most popular DJs in Australia and is in the middle of touring America in an exhibition to attract more fans to his house music style that he calls, “Melbourne bounce”.

“It’s unreal,” Sparks said. “It’s different to everything. It’s got its own style that’s got people dancing. That sound is like a religion down there [in Australia]. People live for it. You have to experience it. It’s really groovy and underground. It’s awesome.”

Sparks found his inspiration underground when he was a young teen sneaking into clubs. “A rebel kid walking the streets” as he likes to call himself as he described his childhood in Australia, he dropped out of high school after his junior year to pursue his career and it has since resulted in the hit singles, “Bring It Back” with Joel Fletcher and “Ah Yeah So What!”

His recent North American tour started here in Santa Monica at the Konscious Studios on 9th Street and Olympic Blvd. For a few weeks, Konscious was Sparks little laboratory with that he used to take with him across California to Arizona to Texas to Canada and back to Australia.

With Santa Monica being fertile ground for music and creation, who knows who else will show up and make something astounding here?

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