Ed Laren’s letter to the editor claims that you can avoid food contamination by eating vegetables and fruits instead of meat.

This is false. Vegetables are more likely to be contaminated than meat, not only by feces and insects, but by pesticide residues.

For example, see http://www.healthambition.com/most-contaminated-fruits-and-vegetables.

The only meat I would avoid is pre-ground hamburger, since one contaminated piece can affect the whole lot.

Harvey S. Frey
Santa Monica

Puta stop to dangerous driving


It seems like the Santa MonicaCity Council must have covertly passed a new traffic law converting stop signs at intersections into “Stop … But Only If You Really Feel Like It” signs. Most Santa Monicadrivers will barely slow down, much less actually stop, whether there is another car, pedestrian or cyclist in their path.

Perhaps the Santa Monicapolice would consider hiring a few more traffic enforcement officers to issue citations on an ongoing basis? I can safely predict that the fines collected will more than cover the cost of these additional salaries, and probably save more than a few accidents and injuries.

Philip D. Schwartz
Santa Monica

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