On Nov.21, the owner of a jewelry store on the Third Street Promenade reported the theft of a Breitling watch valued at approximately $12,000.

During the interview, the owner said that on that day a black man wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, red hat and red shoes entered the store and walked to the Breitling display case. The subject leaned up against the case and asked to see one watch and then another.

When the owner handed the subject the second watch, the male grabbed it from the owner’s hand and ran out the door. He was last seen heading southbound on the promenade and out of sight.

The investigating officers obtained video of the incident, and forensics specialists were able to collect fingerprints from the display case. Using information collected at the scene, detectives were able to identify the suspect as Tarance Cotwright.

On May 21, with search and arrest warrants in hand, detectives arrested Cotwright and located clothing worn during the theft as well as evidence of additional thefts and robberies in Santa Monica and nearby cities. The multi-jurisdictional investigations into the other crimes are ongoing.

Cotwright, 21, of Los Angeles, was transported to the Santa Monica jail and booked for grand theft of the Breitling watch. Bail was set at $20,000.

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