Santa Barbara’s oil spill is a wake up call reminding Californians of the need to do more to protect our coastline, one of our country’s most precious natural treasures. According to the EPA, the oil firm responsible for the spill, Plains All American Pipeline, is responsible for 10 prior federal environmental violations resulting in multiple oil spills in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Imagine an automobile driver responsible for over 10 fatal car collisions. At what point would the driver’s license be suspended? Plains All American Pipeline should not be allowed to continue operations in California. The paltry penalties and upgrades PAAP has agreed to pay in the past is merely a slap on the wrist and obviously not a deterrent to prevent future spills.

Also, Plains All American Pipeline should pay every penny of cleanup and damages. Clean up should continue exhausting all means possible, rather than allowing the remaining toxic mess to simply be washed back into the Pacific Ocean. PAAP should reimburse for health issues caused in nearby communities by exposure to spill fumes, and for loss of tourism dollars to hotels, restaurants, State Beaches, etc.

Keep our California coastline a scenic and healthy habitat for wildlife, and for everyone to enjoy.

Susan Broussard
Santa Monica

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