On May 16 at approximately 6:15 p.m., an officer responded to a report of trespassing in the 1800 block of Lincoln Boulevard.

Upon arrival, the officer noticed a subject, later identified as Cynthia Cantrell, a 50-year-old transient, walking through passing vehicular traffic in his direction. While Cantrell was walking toward the officer, he noticed a female sitting in a wheelchair across the street waiving and yelling in his direction.

While all of this was occurring, the officer was advised by dispatch that they received a call concerning a possible assault and battery between two females. When Cantrell was asked if she was involved in a fight, she ignored the officer and walked past him. When the officer made contact with Cantrell, he could smell the strong odor of alcohol on her breath and person.

Cantrell went on to say that she had done nothing wrong and did not want to deal with the woman across the street. Cantrell proceeded to walk away yelling, disregarding the orders she was given to stand by. After continued attempts to detain Cantrell, the officer was finally able to initiate handcuffing. Cantrell was booked on public intoxication, willfully obstructing an investigation and violation of probation. Bail was set at $10,000.

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