Full Circle Venice (FCV) is a community-based arts and spirituality center two blocks from the beach in Venice. It the only place in Los Angeles where individuals can roll out their yoga mats to practice in a 110-year-old temple space.

FCV launched its Movement Program on March 28 with a gathering that welcomed more than 100 members of the community for complimentary yoga classes and a veggie burger BBQ.

FCV Movement offers two classes each day Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Classes are a $10 minimum suggested donation. This yoga program is one of very few large, donation-based yoga offerings in Los Angeles. FCV is an open source spiritual community center that provides regular movement classes (yoga, dance, qi-gong and more) plus growth-oriented workshops, lectures, music nights, movie screenings and art showings. People of all beliefs and backgrounds are welcome to take part in the weekly cultural gatherings. The walls of the 110-year old temple at 305 Rose Ave.are as old as Venice itself.

FCV honors all peaceful cultures and teachers for the unique and inspired contributions they have made to the world. At the same time, they recognize that their spiritual future is yet to be written: the essence of religion is living in the moment. They believe that to be vital, spiritual practice must remain responsive to what is happening now, and that all dichotomies are fleeting. There is no clear line between the inner and the outer, the political and the non-political, the local and the global. Full Circle respect’s structure and tradition, but tries to foster an experimental space within which new ground can be broken.

To learn more about Full Circle Venice, visit the website www.fullcirclevenice.org.

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