A proclamation issued by the Santa Monica City Council on April 28 declared that the week of May 3-9 is designated as Municipal Clerks Week. The proclamation was presented to City Clerk, Sarah P. Gorman, CMC, and signed by Mayor Kevin McKeown. It extends appreciation to the Santa Monica City Clerk’s Department and all Municipal and Deputy Clerks for “serving as the professional link between the citizens, the local governing bodies and agencies of government at other levels.”

“There are many responsibilities of the City and Deputy Clerk that the public takes for granted, such as keeping the Council advised of legislation that affects them. Yet, if Clerks are inattentive in their duties, then the efficient operation of our local government is greatly affected,” said Gorman.

The mission of the Santa Monica City Clerk is to: serve the City as the Election Official, Political Reform Filing Officer and Custodian of the City Seal; facilitate the democratic process for voters and candidates by conducting City elections per election laws; administer the Oath of Office and provide support to the City Council, and record all Council proceedings; manage the City’s records and respond to public inquiries for information per the Public Records Act; and provide efficient and timely mail and printing services to City Departments. The office also: distributes Council meeting agendas and packets per the Brown Act; posts agendas for the City’s Boards/Commission and maintains the Appointments List per the Maddy Act; maintains the City Charter, Municipal Code, and Domestic Partnership Registry; is the agent authorized to accept service for legal documents; attests to contracts executed by the City Manager; and processes United States Passport applications per Department of State regulations.

The Santa Monica City Clerk’s Office has 13 staff members with decades of experience and service to the City.

Gorman has served as Santa Monica City Clerk, since September 2012, and has been a member of The International Institute of Municipal Clerks and the City Clerks Association of California since 2010. Sarah is also a member of the State Bar of California, the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the National Notary Association.

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