On April 11 at approximately 12 p.m., on officer responded to the 300 block of Colorado Avenue in response to a petty theft call.

Upon arriving, the officer was met by a store employee who said the male suspect, described as wearing a blue shirt and dark colored jeans, had been in the men’s sportswear section removing price tags from sunglasses and placing them in his pockets.

The suspect went on to select jeans and take them into the fitting room. Upon exiting the fitting room, he was seen wearing one pair of jeans and holding the other in his hands as he continued to grab two shirts and exit the store without paying.

The store’s employee confronted him once he exited the store and was able to recover some of the items, yet the subject refused to give back the jeans he was wearing and began to walk away from the employee.

Officers in the area detained a man matching the given description, and when was asked to identify himself, the suspect provide false information.

Gwam Im, 25, of Los Angeles, was correctly identified while he was being booked. His bail was set at $5,000.

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