The Santa Monica-Malibu school board is slated to discuss the district’s oft-debated centralized fundraising system at its April 16 meeting.

Amid the home stretch of the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation’s fundraising campaign, the school board is scheduled to evaluate the SMMEF-funded Vision for Student Success program and weigh priorities for the upcoming school year.

An agreement between the school district and the foundation requires the board to review the program annually to evaluate its impact on student learning.

The foundation, which is tasked with raising money for instructional aides, student enrichment activities and other programs, was just halfway to its goal of $4 million as of last month.

Public input

In addition to hearing general comments, the board will welcome public input on three specific items.

The public is invited to comment on the Measure R parcel tax and whether the proposed annual plan should be modified. The proposed 2015-16 budget for the education funding source is $11.1 million, including $5.2 million to preserve programs and replace money lost due to inadequate state funding.

The public is also asked to weigh in on a 50-year easement of Los Amigos Park to the City of Santa Monica for a stormwater harvesting system. The land is owned by the district but does not interfere with John Muir Elementary School and Santa Monica Alternative School House, according to a district report. The easement will help the city save water and reduce district liability, according to the proposed resolution.

The public may also comment on negotiations between the district and the local Classroom Teachers Association. The CTA gave notice of its proposal Feb. 19, and the district made its proposal public March 27. Compensation, class size and student behavior are among the enumerated topics.

Anticipated shortfall

The board will weigh approval of a resolution to release up to $5 million in short-term financings to manage temporary shortfalls in the district, which anticipates deficit spending.

The Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes, known as TRANS, “will bridge the cash deficiencies during the 2015-16 fiscal year,” a district report reads.

Measure BB

A citizen oversight committee will present to the board its report on Measure BB spending, as required in the bond.

Committee chairman Charlie Yen and other members have reviewed the district’s Measure BB audit, according to a district report.

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