Kudos to Dee Cappelli for a wonderful letter. The writer puts the responsibility precisely where it belongs: on both the cyclists who flout the law because they don’t seem to understand that bicycling on the sidewalk is against the law, and the police who don’t enforce that law.

Today I went on a walk which took me from my home on Ashland west to Lincoln via Ocean Park, north to Broadway and back, altogether a journey of more than 4 miles. Everywhere I went I dodged cyclists, and this was nothing new. New and welcome, as Dee Cappelli so eloquently pointed out, would be for the police to start putting some teeth into the law.

Joan Walston
Santa Monica

Forward or backward?


What I’ll call the Moving Forward Gang is nothing more than a gathering of familiar pro-developer cronies and their like-minded but ill-informed chums, attempting to “develop” and insert a new political party into the Santa Monica 2016 election fray.

Moving forward with these people will only further advance the already over-developed Santa Monica landscape, careen us into immoveable traffic gridlock, stress our water and electrical infrastructure and accelerate the decline of our quality of life.

So Santa Monicans, be careful what you wish for, look before you leap and do your homework before deciding which Metro train you want to get on.

Joanne Curtis
Santa Monica

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