After reading the article about Santa Monica Forward I went online to look at the group’s website. I wanted to see who formed this group and in doing so have an idea about whose interests they represent.

It turns out that the group’s membership is heavily dominated by those who have strongly advocated for intense development. By those who have run for City Council receiving heavy doses of developer money. By those in City Council, Terry O’Day and Pam O’Connor, each never shy about voting for any large development at the expense of Santa Monica residents. In fact, O’Connor has never voted against a large development.

This group plans to move Santa Monica forward? How … by jamming city government into reverse so we can again relive the good old days that have brought us to the point of gridlock? If the recent election is any indication, this “new” group does not represent the interests of most residents of our city. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Paul H. Pitkoff
Santa Monica

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