On April 3, Resonate Church of Santa Monica invites the community to the G2 Gallery in Venice for a unique art experience called “Visions.”

The art consists of 10 windows, each of which was given to a different local artist to be transformed into a work of art. Each piece reflects the leanings of the individual artist, as well as relating to a different passage from the Sermon on the Mount. The window paintings will be auctioned off online, with some of the proceeds going to benefit the global poor in Ecuador.

Artist Bobbie Rich has spearheaded the project, as well as contributing a work of her own.

“From 10 artists, religious to nonreligious, high schoolers to grandparents, the development of this series of beautiful art windows has been filled with individual stories of faith and creativity,” she said.

Resonate Pastor David Cobia said, “I’m really excited about all of our Grand Opening weekend events. We have some fantastic local artists who have created pieces for our ‘Visions’ Gallery on Friday evening, and are really looking forward to kicking off our Sunday morning services in a very cool theater space for adults and a fantastic newly-renovated space for kids.”

Resonate will begin meeting on April 5 at the 18th Street Theater in Santa Monica.

The “Visions” event, which coincides with Venice’s First Friday, will take place on April 3, from 6-9 p.m. Admission is free.

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