I am a full-time Santa Monica resident as well as business owner and operator since 1994.

Beyond having worked, owned, paid taxes and patronized other businesses, I pioneered environmental printing in 1996. Have advocated biking, the expo rail and alternative fuel cars through my “oil is history” art series. More recently my work has influenced the re-emergence of typewriters through art. I could not have done this anywhere else because of the inspiration and values of this city government and community that has been part of my process.

My art studio was a blessing but a mess and I have worked and paid for the improvements that make it a great place now. The art community has been an enriching boost to my creativity and professional reputation. I love being able to take a break and talk about techniques and tools and color specific to the arts with my artist neighbors here. The theater, barker events, and the restaurants are our community enjoyment, nourishment and meeting places which are very important to me.

Last week I was delighted by the annual art walk. It is a pleasure to meet the local families and share the joy through my artwork. The week before I was filled with national pride to have witnessed the presidential brigade fly out of here. Seriously, the people who bought property next to the airport need to accept their decisions and yield to progress. That is what I am doing living next to the new Expo Rail. I helped promote it because it is for the Greater Good of All. The Real Estate Greed and Utopian Green here is disgusting and the ugliest part.

I am so very grateful for my studio space. Thank you. Please protect and preserve this community of artists. We need the fixed 3-year leases to grow, plan and complete work that I love to do in a place I love to work.

Louise L. A. Marler
Santa Monica

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