The human imagination tends to the dark side at the slightest provocation and revels in irrational fears. Mr. Levenson’s comments regarding Harrison Ford’s forced landing are an example at hand.

In fact, over a 100-year span, only one single person has died as a result of aviation at Santa Monica Airport excluding those persons actually in an aircraft, and no one has been seriously injured either.

Aircraft operations at SMO have never been, and are not likely ever to become, a significant threat to life or property on the Westside. Mr. Ford’s forced landing demonstrates that fact perfectly.

On the other hand, in the last three years alone, 874 pedestrians and bicyclists have died or been injured in our town, according to the Santa Monica Police Department. Now there is a clear and present danger.

Fear cars, fear domestic accidents, fear lightning, if you will — they are all vastly more prevalent and likely to call your number than any random airplane. Mr. Ford’s mishap is not some great miracle, but is, in fact, the way most general aviation malfunctions play out, and we are glad he is still with us.

Bill Worden

Flight risks

What is it going to take? A good saying: “God drops pebbles on your head before the boulder.” If God intervenes or not is not my point. But getting rid of the dangerous flights over Santa Monica is!

It’s enough with the air and noise pollution, but waiting for the boulder to drop is not what I pay property taxes for. It’s time to be rid of the flights over the City once and for all.

Yvonne Lockhart
Santa Monica

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