Dear Santa Monica City Council,

I am writing to you in regards to your upcoming decision on whether or not to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to be established in our City. The proposed location for these medical marijuana dispensaries is Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards between Lincoln and Centinela.This geographic area is walking distance to our schools: the Lighthouse Elementary School (close to 20th Street and Wilshire), the Lighthouse Christian Academy (close to Yale Street and Santa Monica Boulevard) and the Lighthouse Preschool (close to 20th and Santa Monica).

I would never deny a sick person access to his medication; however, I also believe we have to protect the integrity and welfare of our community. Building medical marijuana dispensaries so close to schools sends the wrong message to kids.

The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of medical marijuana dispensaries in Venice and West Los Angeles — all within walking distancefrom Santa Monica city limits. Our city is so small — only 8 square miles — and we have the complication of having schools within walking distance within every proposed geographical location of the marijuana dispensaries. They simply do not fit into the unique circumstances and hence constraints of our City.

I am asking that the City of Santa Monica not allow these dispensaries within city limits for the sake of our students and schools.

Lori Ayala
Director, Lighthouse Christian Preschool

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