Santa Monica City Hall (File photo)

Aside from discussing taxis and a potential appointment to the Planning Commission, which the Daily Press wrote about last week, City Council is going to review an audit and its policies for reviewing audits.

The audit, which covers last fiscal year, came back clean, according to city officials, as it has for more than three decades.

“Overall, the City’s operations show signs of stability, a result of the prudent and sound management practices and efforts of the City of Santa Monica,” city officials said in a report to council.

Back in January, council asked city officials to review its auditing process.

Several financial oversight groups recommend that City Councils adopt individual audit committees but city officials sent council a report, explaining why they believe the current practice of a public hearing provides the same, or a better, level of transparency.

“Council has continued to have an open hearing where all Council members participate essentially as audit committee members,” they said in the report. “Staff recommends that Council approve the continuation of the current practice, in which all Council members approve the selection and scope of work of the external and internal auditors, and participate in the review and discussion of financial audits and internal audit reviews in an open hearing that is transparent to the public, and in which both Council members and the public have the opportunity to ask questions.”

Parking and booze appeal pushed

Unite Here, Local 11, a hospitality union, is appealing variances granted to the Georgian Hotel by the Planning Commission. The variances amend existing rules about alcohol and parking at the hotel. The appeal was slated to go before council on Tuesday. The union, however, has asked to delay the decision to May and the Georgian agreed.

Fourth of July Parade

Councilmember Ted Winterer is asking his colleagues to agree give the Ocean Park Association $5,000 to hire a coordinator to organize the annual Fourth of July Parade on Main Street.

Women’s commission nominations

A council deadlock over a nomination to the Commission on the Status of Women could be broken on Tuesday. Last month, when Councilmember Gleam Davis was absent, nominees Madeleine Brand and Elena Christopoulos got three votes apiece with no council members willing to change sides. Brand is the host of a radio show on KCRW and Christopoulos is an environmental and political advisor.

Council will accept Jessica Lall’s resignation from the same commission, leaving two vacancies on the nine-member body.

Safe Streets challenge

Mayor Kevin McKeown and Councilmember Pam O’Connor, who are often framed as political rivals, joined forces to add an item to the agenda calling for pedestrian and bicycle mobility and safety through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Mayors’ Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets.”

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