One less plane at SMO


Harrison Ford survived the crash of his plane, fortunately. Also, fortunately, the plane did not. One less noisy plane to worry about.
Like most of the people who fly out of SMO, Ford probably lives in Beverly Hills or some other place where noisy planes don’t bother them. Ford supports the airport. He has the right, as I have the right to boycott him. So when the next “Star Wars” movie comes out, I will only see it one time.

Mike Kirwan

City, Expo dispute unfathomable


Am I missing something? I thought the normal way to do things was to agree upon a price before something was bought or sold. Someone please tell me that we are not in the hands of idiots.

Mike McWilliams
Santa Monica

Appreciating a Nimoy appreciation


The article by Kevin Brettauer on Leonard Nimoy in your March 5 paper was nothing short of brilliant. It made me laugh cry and smile all at the same time. His words brought Mr. Nimoy to life for all your readers . It was wonderful. Thank you. I hope he writes for the paper again. What a great read!

Cammie Hall
Santa Monica

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