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Editor’s note: This story is part of an ongoing series that tracks the city’s expenditures appearing on upcoming Santa Monica City Council consent agendas. Consent agenda items are routinely passed by the City Council with little or no discussion from elected officials or the public. However, many of the items have been part of public discussion in the past.

Lots of trucks, renewable energy, and practice for public safety workers fill out a $5,061,317 consent agenda.

City Council considered approving up to $3 million worth of spending for renewable energy over the next year Tuesday night.

3 Phases Renewables, Constellation NewEnergy Inc, and Shell Energy North America, are likely to be placed on the list of approved vendors.

“The annual purchase agreement in the first year is expected to be less than $2 million,” city officials said. “Energy prices fluctuate daily in an open market, so staff recommends giving the City Manager authority to negotiate and execute the purchase agreement in an amount not to exceed $3 million to allow for volatility in market pricing and possible changes in energy use in City facilities.”

Green bullets

In order for the Santa Monica police to keep their aim sharp they spend a lot of time at the shooting range. That takes a lot of bullets. Council considered approving $75,000 worth of spending on ammunition. Dooley Enterprises, which sells Winchester Ammunition, was slated to get the bid.

Some of that cash will cover lead-free ammunition for use at the indoor range, and some will cover ball ammunition for the outdoor range.
The lead-free ammunition is made so that the bullets don’t shed lead particles into the air.

“This prevents officers from being exposed to carcinogenic chemicals and provides a healthier environment inside the range,” a report from the Police Department to council said. “The standard ball ammunition used at the outdoor range does produce lead particles and have heavy metals in the primers; however, it is safe to use in an outdoor environment.”

Fire (training) house

A new firehouse is in the works for the Santa Monica Fire Department but council considered spending $805,044 on a prop mobile building to practice search and rescue and HAZMAT responses.

Fire Training Structures was recommended for the bid and the money will come from grants.

“The purchase of the mobile training prop allows Santa Monica Fire and other local fire departments to train in real-life scenarios preparing them to respond to threats and/or acts of terrorism,” fire officials said in a report to council.

The prop will be available for use by nearby fire departments.

16 trucks

Council considered replacing 13 city vehicles with 16 new Ford F-150 trucks at a cost of $698,177.

Half of the new trucks would go to the facility maintenance department. Two would go to trash and recycling. Two would go to Third Street Promenade maintenance. Civil engineering, urban forest section, water resources, and park maintenance would each get a truck.

Fritts Ford was recommended for the bid for the compressed natural gas trucks.

More trucks

Frontier Ford was slated to get $240,782 for the purchase of three three-quarter ton, extended cab, compressed natural gas pick-up trucks. The trucks would replace old ones in the Water Resources Division.

Para-transit vans

Council considered approving $242,314 in spending on four new para-transit vans for the Big Blue Bus’ Dial-A-Ride program. The new vans — unlike the old ones, which were powered by gas — would run on compressed natural gas. Mobility Ventures would likely get the bid.

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