The DMV is now using TouchScreen technology to administer the driver knowledge exam. How is it different from the written version?

Instead of using a paper and pencil to the take the exam, you now simply touch the correct answer on monitor screen. The TouchScreen system guides you through the testing process and gives you immediate feedback if you answer a question incorrectly. It is currently offered in both English and Spanish. Additional languages will be added.

This technology reduces test times, improves field office wait times, minimizes fraud by randomizing test questions and answers, and provides easier maintenance of test questions, currently conducted manually.

Make sure you review the California Driver Handbook. You can find it at Do not forget to make an appointment. Good luck!

Do I need to visit a DMV office in order to renew my driver license?

Most drivers are not required to visit a DMV office each time they need to renew their driver license. Most of the time, a driver license can be easily renewed online at, by mail or by calling 1-800-777-0133.

However, the DMV generally mandates individuals, with a clean driver record, to visit a DMV office once every 15 years in order to provide an updated driver license photograph and a vision test. You should carefully check your DMV notice to find out if you must appear in-person. If you are required to visit a DMV office, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment.

The DMV recently expanded the number of appointment opportunities available. Please be considerate of others. If you do not show up for your appointment, you prevent someone else from being able to use that time slot.

Are you required to make an appointment at the four Driver License Processing Centers to apply for an AB 60 driver license?

Appointments are not required, but strongly recommended, if you plan to visit one of the four Driver License Processing Centers located in Granada Hills, Stanton, San Jose, and Lompoc. These centers only process driver license transactions. They are open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Remember, that if you are applying for an original California driver license and plan to visit one of the other DMV field offices, and not a Driver License Processing Center, appointments are required.

The DMV lists several passports as acceptable documents to be used when applying for a California driver license under the AB60 law. Why is the country of Colombia not on the list?

The DMV continues to work with countries and their consulates not identified on the current registration list. This list is not final. The DMV has the authority to add documents as soon as they are reviewed and approved by the DMV. Please keep checking our website,, for updates on additional documents that will be accepted.

DMV also offers another option for people from countries whose documents are not accepted. Under that option, applicants can present one of several documents that are available in this country and be interviewed by a DMV employee who will attempt to verify the applicant’s identity. California is the first state in the nation to offer a secondary review process for applicants that lack typical identification documents to prove identity.

For a complete list of accepted documents, go to

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