Remember when voters in 2012 approved a $385-million bond for upgrades in facilities and technology in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District?

The local Board of Education is now continuing the process of allocating the Measure ES money for particular projects.

Staff will provide background during Thursday’s meeting at district headquarters to facilitate discussion among the school board, which holds approval power on future Measure ES decisions. A vote could come as soon as March 5.

Significant funding, currently estimated at $180 million, is reportedly needed for facility upgrades at Santa Monica High School. These wide-ranging projects at Samohi will take at least a decade to complete, according to the district.

The measure also guarantees at least 20 percent of proceeds — some $77 million — for Malibu sites, and an advisory committee will be formed to make recommendations.

The board already approved about $34 million in October for the first phase of technology improvements, which are taking effect throughout the district.

That leaves some $93 million in unallocated Measure ES money. Among the considerations are previously designed changes at elementary campuses, the shortfall of Measure BB funds, environmental and indoor air quality issues, pre-kindergarten programming and a day treatment center for special education students, according to a district report.

With the help of Heery International, which made recommendations to the board in November, the district is expected to hire a bond program manager before the end of the fiscal year. The firm will continue assessing facility plans and guiding the district on future decisions.

Internet access

District officials have recommended that the board approve a contract with the Los Angeles County education department for improved Internet access.

The contract of $82,200 per year for three years, with two possible one-year extensions, will pay for two 1-gigabyte circuits starting July 1.

Also on the table is another $9,300-per-quarter contract to cover the cost of a 1-gigabyte circuit from now to the start of the aforementioned contract.

“Due to increased bandwidth needed for state testing, video streaming and other needs, the 1Gig circuit currently under contract is inadequate,” officials wrote in a report to the school board.

After soliciting bids for service, district officials chose the county education office for value, continuity and expedited installation.

The district is currently paying $87,420 per year for a gigabyte of service, according to the report.

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